Since 2000, Covtex-Feizy has utilized the most modern weaving techniques to become a leading name in the power loomed floor covering industry. Our factory, located in Gaziantep, Turkey, is well-known for producing distinctive, innovative designs at an exceptional value in an area that is quickly becoming known as a major hub of machine made rug production.

With looms that are capable of weaving in a variety of fibers, Covtex-Feizy’s rugs can be produced in a vast array of vibrant colors, trendsetting designs and rich textures. From fresh takes on classic designs to fashion-forward transitional patterns and inspiring contemporary styles, Covtex-Feizy can produce it all with an emphasis on quality, customer service and integrity.

Our in-house Design Team ensures that our catalogue is on-trend by staying at the forefront of the latest developments within the home furnishings and fashion industries, exploring and developing wide varieties of patterns and styles. With clients spanning the globe, most of Covtex-Feizy’s products are exported outside of Turkey. Our ability to design locally combined with our order-based selling system allow us to cater to client partners internationally, providing stylish, high-quality rugs the world over.

Creating innovative, distinctive designs is of paramount importance— our clients deserve nothing less. Covtex-Feizy is committed to the continuous expansion of our catalogue of designs, construction methods and color palettes to ensure that we maintain our position at the forefront of the industry.

To this end, Covtex-Feizy has a number of top designers in its in-house Design Department. Our team of designers studies the various tastes of cultures that span the globe, all the while staying abreast of the latest trends in color, fabric, and other furnishings to enable us to produce the best designs that are relevant the world over.

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